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                             The NuStep 4000



There is a lot of information on the NuStep from their site, and since our "Famous" Physical Therapists, Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck like this equipment so much that we have one in each of our 7 facitlities. For this reason, we are including some information on this great piece of equipement for you below.


 The Origin of the NuStep 4000


Although NuStep, Inc. was incorporated in 1997, its origins date back to 1960's when Dick Sarns, a mechanical engineer, developed the now world-renowned heart-lung machine for use in open heart surgery. Nearly two decades later, as evidence emerged that supported exercise for post-op cardiac patients, Dick and his wife Norma, took note and sold their medical products business to 3M, turning their focus to cardiac rehabilitation. They founded NuStep with the vision of helping those with heart disease transform their lives.

In 1993, following years of research and development, the NuStep team introduced the NuStep TRS 3000, with its successor, the TRS 4000 Recumbent Cross Trainer following in 1999.

When it was conceived, the NuStep was specifically designed for the cardiac rehabilitation setting but also had wide appeal for physical therapy clinics, senior living communities, health and wellness centers. Soon many other settings recognized the versatility of the NuStep and embraced it because of its safe, comfortable, ergonomic design and effective workout.

Dick and Norma Sarns know firsthand about the versatility of the NuStep. Dick uses it to stay in shape and train for outdoor race walking, while Norma, who has progressive multiple sclerosis, uses the NuStep to improve her range of motion and maintain her strength.

In fact, Norma was the inspiration for one of NuStep's newest accessories, the Leg Stabilizer, which aligns and stabilizes the legs of those with lower-body deficiencies. The Leg Stabilizer and other accessories like the WellGrip, which helps users with upper body deficiencies grip the NuStep handles and maintain a neutral wrist position, make the NuStep safer, easier to use and more effective for a wider range of users.

Today, after an extensive collaborative effort that drew on the expertise of exercise physiologists, ergonomic specialists and the voice of our customers, the NuStep team is proud to announce the latest advancements of its core product, the T5 and T5XR.

With over 30 new features and improvements including a low step-through design for easy swing through and transfer; a smoother stepping motion; and a larger ergonomically designed seat with 360° swivel and 45° locking intervals for safety and improved transfer, the T5 and T5XR are testimony to NuStep's commitment to providing best-in-class quality.

The vision that guided Dick and Norma Sarns 20 years ago continues today as the driving force of the entire NuStep team - helping individuals, regardless of their age or physical abilities, transform their lives one step at a time.


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