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 Videos in our Educational Series number high, but here is the list! Memory Techniques,Physical Therapy Career Information, Borg Exertion Scale, Pain Scale Explained, Tinetti Balance Test,Range of Motion: How to apply ROM to a person who is sitting, Knee Arthritis: A Physical Therapist's three secrets to treating, DIY Pulley system, Foot Pain: Tips from Physical Therapy for treating, Knee Brace? Is the Cho-Pat knee strap appropriate for knee pain? Range of Motion: How to apply ROM to a person, who is lying down, Restorator: how to use for leg strengthening and overall conditioning, Measuring Grip Strength, Restorator: how to use for arm strengthening and overall conditioning, Back and Neck Pain, Case History, Achilles Tendon / Heel pain: how to treat, Chronic Ankle Sprains: How to treat, Mid-Back Pain or Thoracic Pain: How to treat, Treating Shin Splints: Physical Therapy secrets, An effective self-treatment for “Tennis Elbow”, Foot Drop: What is Foot Drop? How do you treat it? Ankle Sprains: Treat with the BOSU balance trainer, After Knee Replacement: Great treatment tips, How to treat Tiger Wood’s knee in Physical Therapy, Back Pain: The greatest secret to treating, T.E.N.S. unit: How to use a T.E.N.S. unit, Aircast Tennis Elbow Support (Review) & ice, T.E.N.S. unit: What is it, and how does it work? Physical Therapy books for neck & back pain. Shin Splints: What you need to know, BOSU Advanced techniques for ankle rehabilitation, T.E.N.S. unit: WARNINGS about T.E.N.S.! Knee Pain Treatment, Phonophoresis: A treatment for shoulder pain, Epley Maneuver: How to Perform., Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Causes & Treatments Part 1, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Causes & Treatments Part 2, Frozen Shoulder Self Treatment and Exercise, Hamstring Injury Treatment, Neck Pain? Using a Towel to Decrease neck pain, Sprained Ankle? How to wrap Ankle Sprains correct, Back Pain Treatment: How to Tape, Chronic Knee Pain: A new way to treat, Balance / Wobble Board: Use for Ankle Sprains, Iontophoresis: for Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow, Phusical Therapy Recipe for an effective ice pack.


  The videos above are all related to educating our audiences, students and professionals in many of the PT practices that we adhere to at FamousPT.com. We share experience, education and what we have found that works along the way. After all, Bob and Brad have a combined 42 plus years of Physical Therapy experience. They also work everyday in a clinical setting and the information that they share with you in these videos are applied in real life, everyday by Therapists who know and understand the value of real life physical therapy situations. We get a lot of requests from patients, students and colleagues alike for the valuable, respected opinion of our caring professionals so you know the information you are getting is well thought out, practiced and perfected.